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Car damaged during snowplow slush incident? File a complaint with OSHP

Erie county crash snow plow
Posted at 5:29 PM, Jan 25, 2022

ERIE COUNTY, Ohio — The cleanup continues for drivers dealing with the damage done to their cars after a snowplow poured slush across the Ohio Turnpike Sunday.

At around 1:45 pm. Sunday, the Ohio State Highway Patrol responded to the eastbound lanes of the Ohio Turnpike between state Route 4 and state Route 250, according to Sgt. Ray Santiago.

Troopers on scene discovered an Ohio Turnpike snowplow had been traveling westbound in the inside lane and caused snow and ice debris to be thrown into the eastbound lanes, striking passing vehicles.

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There were at least 40 vehicles involved and 12 known injuries, troopers said.

Phil Ward captured the moment in the video below when a semi was hit with slush and veered off the road. Thankfully for Ward, his truck didn't end up with any damage.

News 5 spoke with several impacted drivers after they picked up their damaged vehicles Tuesday including Brysen Reigner and Rachel Jones, who will finally hit the road home to Michigan two days later than expected after they got their windshield replaced.

“[We’re going to] drive back home and get it inspected at a local shop there that we know from the comfort of our bed instead of a hotel room,” Rachel Jones of Kalamazoo said.

Jones and Reigner recounted how their Subaru ended up on the side of the road after being hit with slush Sunday.

A look at the damage done to one Subaru involved in the incident

“We were covered in glass and your first instinct is to slam your brakes and you’re on the highway and we got lucky we didn’t get hit from behind,” Reigner said.

A Turnpike Commission spokesperson told News 5 on Tuesday morning that they reached out to every turnpike customer who filed a report with OSHP and they continue to urge those who have not heard from them to file a report with the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Additionally, individuals wishing to file a property damage claim with the Ohio Turnpike should do so by clicking here or calling the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission at 440-971-2222.

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Linda Rust already spoke to the turnpike about her Chevy Malibu and her experience Sunday, which she said included three hours in her car after the crash occurred.

Afterward, she told News 5 she was dropped off at a nearby Mcdonald's and was told to find a way home from Erie County to Youngstown.

“I think people should be treated with a little more respect,” she said. “This is not our fault. I shouldn’t be taking a day off work to come get my car. They should’ve offered anything and they didn’t offer anything.”

At the time, Rust was on her way home from watching her granddaughter at a cheerleading competition in Toledo.

The Ohio Turnpike is managed by an independent company, not the Ohio Department of Transportation.

OSHP said that the incident remains under investigation and potential charges are pending the review of the Erie County Prosecutor's findings.

The Ohio Turnpike Commission told News 5 the driver of that snowplow remains on administrative leave and had worked for the turnpike since 2015.