Clay LePard.jpg

Clay LePard



Position: Reporter

Covers: Geauga and Lake counties


Twitter: @ClayLePard


Education: Syracuse University - Go Orange!

Previous Work Experience: Orlando, FL (WKMG), Scranton, PA (WNEP), ABC News Nightline (Intern), 2010 NBC Vancouver Winter Olympics (Intern)

Joined News 5: February 2021

Most Memorable Stories: The stories that stand out come from the characters I met along the way. The modern-day Indiana Jones who unearthed an ancient dugout canoe. A renowned retiree determined to save a theatre. Teenagers who started a clothing line to honor their late father.

The spotlight was bound to find these people eventually. I'm just lucky they let me share their voices.

And rocket launches at Cape Canaveral in Florida. Those never got old.

News Philosophy: "We are no longer deciding what the public should know. We are helping audiences make sense out of it."

Favorite Sports Teams: Honoring my Boston roots, the New England Patriots and Boston Red well the Orange of my alma mater, Syracuse. That being said, my other half is a die-hard Browns, Guardians and Cavs fan. And a happy wife is....

Favorite Movies: The Dark Knight, The Departed and Skyfall

Favorite Food: Pizza, Mitchell's Ice Cream and Malley's Chocolate. That's a good day.

Family: My wife Krista, who was born and raised in Northeast Ohio, and I welcomed our daughter Carmen into the world in June 2021.

Hidden Talent: During the pandemic, I used my spare time to learn how to solve a Rubik's Cube. That's something, right?

What I like best about Northeast Ohio: It's where my wife and I got married. Every time I drive by a landmark from that day, it brings a smile to my face.

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