Cleveland residents fight double air quality battle against dirt bike track, air processing facility

Posted at 11:27 PM, May 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-22 23:40:26-04

Members of Cleveland's St. Hyacinth Community Coalition are fed up with what they call a growing amount of dirt in the air in their neighborhood.

Residents told News 5 they're now fighting two fronts when it comes to air quality.

Coalition Chairwoman Kathy McDonald said growing mounds of dirt at the Halmarnie dirt processing facility on East 66th street are kicking up large quantities of dust that is coating neighborhood homes and cars.

McDonald said to make matters worse, Cleveland's new $2.3 million dirt track site is located just a quarter mile away at Marion Motley field.

"We're dealing with double trouble," said McDonald.

"Our Councilwoman Phyllis Cleveland never came to us to explain the project to our block club."

McDonald said the Halmarnie dirt plant is now trying to get rezoned general industrial, and she's concerned that could mean even more dirt into the air.

"I'm very concerned about the amount of dirt we're breathing in over here," said McDonald.

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She adds, "And the noise of the trucks going up and down the street, tearing up the street."

McDonald is hoping Cleveland's zoning board will make the right decision and said both issues will be brought up at her block club's next community meeting on June 14.

News 5 left messages for the owner of Halmarnie and Councilwoman Cleveland, but our calls have so far not been returned.

Mcdonald is hoping St. Hyacinth residents will be given a voice through Councilwoman Cleveland as the city dirt bike track moves forward.

"We were omitted when considering this," said McDonald. 

"This is going to be in our backyard. It's not going to be in her backyard, it's not going to be in Mayor Jackson's backyard," McDonald said.