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'This is terrible': Cleveland seniors living in deteriorating conditions for months

Posted: 10:49 PM, Jul 12, 2018
Updated: 2018-07-13 11:10:16Z
CLE senior apt. hit by plumbing, security issues
CLE senior apt. hit by plumbing, security issues
CLE senior apt. hit by plumbing, security issues

Seniors living at Cleveland's Broadway Place Elderly Apartments, located at 7050 Broadway Ave., report they've been dealing with a wide range of problems for far too long.

In 2017, News 5 outlined the rodents and insects that were plaguing the complex , now in 2018, seniors are pointing to major building issues.

Seniors showed News 5 plumbing problems, which have caused major ceiling damage in various parts of the property.

Tenants also report the trash compactors on all floors have been broken for months, forcing seniors to walkout outside to one end of the property to dispose of their trash.

Residents said some air conditioning units have not been replaced, and numerous cars at the complex parking lot have been vandalized.

Minnie Strozier was in tears as she explained how difficult it's been to deal with the constant problems.

"This is terrible that we have to live in these conditions, it's sad," Strozier said.

"They know what they need to do, I don't have to tell them anything, we're paying our rent on time."

Linda Jones explained one tenant had her car broken into seven times, in less than a year.

Jones said she and other residents are tired of waiting for management to finally take care of all of the problems.

"Our cars have been broken into numerous times, we don't have security around here to even watch our cars in the lot," Jones said.

"We are paying for services that are not being rendered, and why, I don't know."

News 5 contacted building management, and it said all of the issues are being addressed. They said it takes time to make custom repairs on major systems, like the trash compactors, and the plumbing.

Management said it is willing to sit down and host a meeting with the seniors to find answers.

Cleveland Councilman Tony Brancatelli said he's well aware of the chronic problems at the complex and said if final solutions aren't found soon, he'll turn the case over to Cleveland Housing Court.

"To hear this coming back again now is truly disappointing," Brancatelli said.

"If we're not making progress, we will do the rent deposit, and we will force them to the table by withholding rent."