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Cleveland Clinic CEO adresses Coronavirus and prevention

President & CEO of Cleveland Clinic talks state of the clinic and Coronavirus
Posted at 6:04 PM, Feb 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-27 12:41:29-05

CLEVELAND — The Coronavirus pandemic is reaching all corners of the globe and is now drawing reaction from the leader of the Cleveland Clinic.

"Welcome to the State of the Clinic,” said Dr. Tom Mihaljevic who addressed a packed room of clinic employees inside the Intercontinental Hotel and Conference Center about how things are going with its healthcare system. "In 2019, Cleveland Clinic cared for more patients and families than ever before.”

One topic not covered during the speech was the COVID-19 Coronavirus. So, News 5 pulled him aside and asked for his reaction to the pandemic.

"Cleveland Clinic, just like any major healthcare provider, is very much aware of what's going on around the world,” Dr. Mihaljevic said.

When asked if the clinic is involved in any research or if it has specific areas of focus with the Coronavirus he said there's nothing proprietary happening. He did want to put the COVID-19 in perspective, however.

"We have many, many, many more patients in the United States who were affected by flu,” Dr. Mihaljevic said. “And many more deaths from the flu this year than all of the deaths combined in the world from the Coronavirus."

Dr. Mihaljevic did call the number of people affected alarming so he suggested you protect yourself by taking precautions you'd normally use to avoid the flu— things like: if you're sick, stay home from work, wash your hands, and more.

“That a cough etiquette is being respected and, to the largest extent possible, we avoid places where there is too much traffic, unless it's absolutely necessary,” Dr. Mihalievic said.

It's the kind of advice heard around the world but, perhaps, it's not repeated often enough as cases grow globally.