Bad apple in Medina Co. swipes trees from farm

Posted at 7:17 PM, May 09, 2016

A bad apple in Medina County swiped trees from a family farm.

According to sheriff's deputies, 53 apple trees were stolen from Geig's Orchard. The farm valued them at more than $1,500.

People who live near the orchard, like Rick Hunyady, said he doesn't understand why someone would come out here and steal a chunk of the beautiful view.

"To steal 50 trees, that are growing in the ground? It's weird," he said.

Deputy Locher, with the Medina County Sheriff's office, said it's the first time he's responded to a crime like this.

"I've been in law enforcement 23 years, this is the first theft of a tree," he said.

Locher said all 53 trees were marked with white paint, they weren't visible from the road or highway, and they were rare.

"Pretty rare trees, apple crisp trees, which are a fairly rare variety," he said.

Officials at the Medina County Sheriff's office said whoever is responsible will face theft charges and potentially jail time.