Biker enthusiasts nationwide plan to patrol city streets & protect Trump supporters during the RNC

Posted at 5:56 PM, Jul 12, 2016

Get ready for a large group of biker enthusiasts to patrol Cleveland streets during the Republican National Convention and protect Trump supporters.

“We’re going to do our best to see that our delegates stay safe, that women and elderly people aren’t having eggs thrown in their face, that they’re not being accosted and subject to civil disobedience,” said Chris Cox, founder of Bikers for Trump.

Cox, a South Carolina resident who arrived in Cleveland this week, said Bikers for Trump is not looking for a fight during the RNC. Rather, he said he and his fellow bikers will head downtown to help keep others calm. The group also will help protect police.

“We encourage people around the country to spend less time bashing the candidate you don’t like and more time supporting the one you do like,” he added.

It's unknown just how many Bikers for Trump members will show up in Cleveland next week but Cox said to expect a large and visible presence.

“We have bikers coming from as far as Arizona and California, Florida, New York,” he said.

Cox's group, which he said he funds by himself, began nearly a year ago. Since then it has held rallies for Trump around the country.

Besides Bikers for Trump, a local Craigslist posting indicates that the Hells Angels are planning a similar approach during convention week. It advertises private security for Trump supporters and says "it will stomp any aggressive protester with an equal amount of force and pepper spray."

Cox said his group is not affiliated with the Hells Angels and is non-violent. Hells Angels did not respond to our interview request.