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Damarious Randall shocked to learn Cleveland sports fans care about local teams

Posted at 5:14 PM, May 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-31 17:20:29-04

Chances are if you haven't retweeted it, you've heard about it.

"If the Cleveland Cavaliers win the 2018 NBA finals, I’ll buy everyone who retweets this a jersey."

Cleveland Brown's defensive back Damarious Randall tweeted that earlier this week after putting his foot in his mouth and publicly announcing his support for the Warriors. After the Cavs beat the Celtics on Sunday and won the Eastern conference finals, Randall tweeted:

"I mean, I would rather Steph over LeBron," Randall said in a press conference Wednesday. 

"It's just crazy a new Browns player would be endorsing our biggest rival," Cleveland native Joelle Cluck said. 

Uh oh.

"I mean, I mean, um, no. I am not anti-LeBron," Randall said, claiming the b***h he was referencing was not James. 

It's safe to say this still wasn't received well.

"What an awful way to start off your Cleveland career," Clevelander Trent Toy said.

Then, in what appeared to be an attempt to ingratiate himself with his new city, Randall, now scorned, followed up with this the very next day:

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Was this a confident promise or a mock? Clevelanders weren't really sure, but they retweeted it anyway — more than one million times.

"I hope the Cavs win even more, so he has to go for it on his word," Toy said.

Especially after Randall told the world, in another tweet, there's a 100 percent chance he delivers.

But as the retweets pile up, now with more than a million jerseys on the table at about a hundred bucks a pop, he's changing his tune.

"I didn't think it would go as viral as it did," Randall said. "Obviously it was a joke." 

Excuse us, but do you remember that 100 percent chance of delivery?

"Definitely didn't think the Cleveland fan base would go this crazy about it," Randall said.


Beloved former Brown Joe Thomas weighed in with a tweet of his own. He jokingly promised everyone a signed game-worn Curry jersey if the Warriors win.

Fanatics owner Michael Rubin offered Randall the jerseys wholesale in a tweet. Many are calculating the millions he'd shell out regardless. 

But, alas...

"I didn't think it was gonna get over 100 retweets. I didn't think people was actually gonna view that as a serious tweet from me," Randall said. 

"He may get a couple boos when he comes out on the field in the fall," Cleveland native Jerry Armstrong said.

For a million Cavs fans, it looks like no dice on that free jersey. But hey, they still get to see LeBron light the place up in the Finals.