CLE school picked for healthy eating program

Posted at 7:41 AM, Jan 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-19 18:57:07-05

Students at one Cleveland school will begin a 90-day healthy eating program after being selected as one of five schools to participate in the entire country. 

The goal? To increase the amount of fruits and vegetables students' eat of fruits and vegetables at school and at home.

Sherdina Williams, the School Nurse at Garrett Morgan High School, said since the students are at school most of the day, it makes sense that the change start there, but that’s not where it needs to end.

"That is the big problem. One of the things that I always say: in order to have healthy students, we have to have healthy communities and healthy families. So if we want to make real change, real long-lasting change, we also have to involve and include the families."

The idea of the 90-day program—called NutriBullet University—is to introduce kids to fruits and vegetables they might not be eating at home.

That's why Garrett Morgan High School was one of the schools selected—because students there don't get much access to produce. 

With that in mind, the school also received $15,000 to help stock the shelves.

At Tuesday's kickoff event, students will make and create their own smoothies using 35 brand new NutriBullets as a hands-on experience with healthy foods.

Heath stats will be taken from each student so that, at the end of the program, they can track their progress.

This comes just as the Senate approved a bipartisan bill that may make it easier for schools to meet standards for healthier meals. 

The bill would ease requirements on whole grains and delay a looming deadline to cut sodium levels in school lunches.