Hazing claims against Streetsboro High School marching band investigated

School board decides on band's fate
Posted at 11:46 PM, Aug 17, 2016

Wednesday evening, there were high tempers at a school board meeting over a disagreement on what really happened at a band camp.

The marching band program at Streetsboro High School was put on hold over allegations of hazing.

The school band director and assistant band director were placed on administrative leave, following the claims.

Streetsboro City School Board President, John Kelly released this statement:

“To date almost a dozen interviews have taken place.

The interviews credibly confirm that incidents that could be characterized as hazing took place at the 2016 Band Camp and likely occurred during previous band camps. Any amount of hazing would constitute a violation of board policy.

Interviews have revealed that both this year and last year, upper classmen who characterize the conduct as “good fun” or “team building,” admit that some of the conduct got “out of hand.”

This investigation will continue and changes will be made to ensure this type of conduct does not recur.


In closing, I want to say that your perspective as parents on this investigation depends on where you stand. If your child was part of the “in crowd” that relished in the behavior and looked with fondness toward the day when, as seniors, they would ascend to the position of “power,” as one social media commentator noted, then you are probably prepared to rail against our Superintendent’s actions in trying to get to the bottom of this matter. You will try to dismiss this as “good clean fun” and “rite of passage” stuff that builds character. Before you start down that road, I will tell you your perspective will stand in significant contrast to the parents of the children who felt frightened and intimidated by this conduct.”

“With all due respect, these allegations are based on false information,” said band member, Joe Beaver.

The board approved the vote to bring in a substitute from Kent State. The board also mentioned, over the last two years, 14 students have quit the band, but also said they do not know why.