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'He kept telling me how he could kill me' woman carjacked at gunpoint in church parking lot

Posted at 5:11 PM, Mar 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-21 10:13:30-04

Carjackers are getting more and more bold, going so far as to rob an older lady at gunpoint in a church parking lot in the middle of the day in the latest incident.

Carjackings are happening everywhere. News 5 has reported on strings of violent carjackings in both Lakewood and Cleveland over the last several months.

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This latest case happened outside Greater Friendship Baptist Church in Cleveland on Arlington Road. 

"Who robs the older lady coming from church?" the victim said. 

Still shaken and still with no car, purse or her phone, the woman carjacked in her church parking lot didn't want to share her name, but told News 5 it's important that others know her story.

She said she was walking outside of the church heading to her car when she saw a man in a hoodie and sunglasses. She got in the car, backed up and thought he was gone. 

"I believe that he crawled on the ground, because the next thing I know the man was in the car window and he kept saying, 'give me your keys,'" she said. 

He threatened her with her life.

"He say, 'don't make me kill you. Lady don't make me kill you, look.' When I look down, he has a gun pointed in my side."

As soon as she could get out of her car, she did.

"He kept letting me know he could kill me."

She said he took off down Arlington and answered the cell phone she left behind. When her brother called, the carjacker owned up to the crime.

"He told my brother! My brother said, 'who is this answering my sisters phone?' and he said, 'I'm the man who just jacked her for her car.' He told my brother, 'tell the lady be thankful I didn't kill her. Tell her I didn't kill her because she was a pretty lady.'"

The car was later found totaled. It had been driven into a pole. 

The carjacker told the victim's brother on the phone that's exactly what he'd do if they called police. 

"I just thank god he didn't kill me, I thank god for my life," she said.

Cleveland police are investigating this incident.

One lieutenant with the Cleveland police said in light of these crimes, check the parking lot when you're getting ready to get back in your car, because carjackers can hide between vehicles. Also, make sure to look for people who seem suspicious. Park in areas that are lit, and try to walk in groups, or ask someone to watch you walk to your car.