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Hyperloop discussions highlight advantages for Northeast Ohio residents

Posted at 3:54 PM, Nov 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-19 15:54:15-05

CLEVELAND — Talks continued Monday night at Tri-C regarding the much anticipated Hyperloop project that could see passengers taking trips from Cleveland to neighboring cities like Chicago or Pittsburgh in minutes.

The Hyperloop will carry 30 to 40 people inside a vacuum tube at speeds over 700 mph, allowing Clevelanders to travel to Chicago in 28 minutes or Pittsburgh in nine.

Earlier this year, a feasibility study was conducted to determine if the Hyperloop project would be beneficial to Northeast Ohio.

"We believe this region is perfect for this new technology... this is the only system that makes economic sense, more than just speed," said Hyperloop Co-Founder and Chairman Dirk Ahlborn.

Officials said since the tubes the vehicle travels in are enclosed, it would be immune to weather as well as not having to deal with traffic.

Three routes are being evaluated for the Chicago route, while two are considered for the Pittsburgh route. Speeds for both locations vary, but travelers will be ushered to their destination much faster than what is available today.

The creation of the facilities needed to run the Hyperloop is expected to generate significant economic investment through new jobs and taxes, officials said.

The Hyperloop will generate millions in additional income from permanent jobs as well as billions in both federal and local taxes.

Officials state that the Hyperloop project is designed to enhance, not replace, current public transportation, thus preserving existing infrastructure.

Aside from moving people to and from their destinations, the Hyperloop project could see use as an alternative to current shipping methods. Freight could be sent via the Hyperloop but it would mostly occur at night to avoid peak hours.

As things move forward in the planning phase, Cleveland residents could tentatively expect to see construction begin within a few short years.

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