Locals concerned about RNC security, fear it will take away from city protection

Posted at 5:58 PM, Jul 12, 2016
Security surrounding the RNC is something we've been telling you about for weeks now.
From road closures to security inside and around the Q where the convention will be, The city's been working round-the-clock to ensure everyone's safety.
But not everyone in the city feels part of that protection plan and the saying that's become a catchphrase started by the department of homeland security, 'If you see something, say something,' residents outside all the RNC glitz and glamor, say they don't feel that phrase applies to them.
"Where's the police at when you need them?" said  Alexandra Bellow, a resident in the Woodland neighborhood.
She knows exactly how violent things can get.
"It's just crazy out here. People do want to be safe, people don't want to start drama, but drama comes towards you," she said.
Just last Wednesday, she said a battle between families turned bad and she was jumped by seven neighborhood kids, one used a hammer. The confrontation left her with multiple bruises.
"I called the police, the police never showed up at the time being of the incident...don't no body come on time when it's happening" Bellow said.
She continued to explain that she waited 10 minutes, but there was still no police, so she walked down to the station. But all they said they could do was escort her back to her home.
"I still feel abandoned," she said.

We tried reaching out to CMHA police about the incident, and got no answer.

Her neighbor, who does not want to be identified, said that's the norm.
"It's like it's set up for us to kill each other so they can pick up a body bag, that's why they don't come," the neighbor said.
They and others in the community expressed concern of things getting worse with the RNC in town, because most know there will be less blue and white eyeballs on their streets.
"I'm scared, and my nerves are bad, worse than they was...I'm going to be on the west side with my family, I'm not even going to be here," Bellow's neighbor said.
"The presence is what's needed," said Dr. Andrew Clark, Pastor of the Trinity Outreach Ministries.
He's a community leader doing work to stop the violence, and said police or not, it all boils down to one major point.
We the citizens of Cleveland, who live in these communities we have to first point the finger not at them, but on us" 
We also reached out to the Cleveland police, they weren't able to meet for an interview today, but did send a statement saying only saying only one third of their officers will be dedicated to the RNC, the other two thirds will continue to police the neighborhoods.