No relief from rats, crumbling balconies as safety concerns persist for North Pointe residents

Posted at 6:23 PM, Aug 04, 2017

Pick up the pace.

This is the message from people who call one apartment community home.

Neighbors living in the North Pointe Apartments say the property owner is dragging their feet when it comes to fixing the issues, despite facing criminal prosecution for health and safety violations.

"Nobody in their right mind would accept the lack of action that has occurred here on this property," said concerned Euclid resident Thomas Cooke.

Twice now, Euclid has requested North Pointe management provide a report from a structural engineer regarding the safety of its balconies, but the city still does not have those findings.

Meantime, residents are sending pictures into our newsroom showing us the dangerous conditions they face.

"The city is just letting these building owners run right over them," said Cooke.

Councilman Daryl Langman has been outspoken about the current state of the massive complex.

"Ultimately it is up to the city administration as to the pace and intensity of the prosecution," said Langman.

Langman says the mayor and law department need to put more pressure on the property owner and stop taking their word that progress is actually being made.

"Because you are always willing to accept the latest story, these kind of issues drag out and it should not have dragged out, especially with the severity of the problems over at North Pointe," said Langman.

The property owner, along with the city, will be back in court next week.

The owner faces criminal prosecution for rats, garbage and failing balconies.

Of course, we are going to let you know what happens.

Meantime, Thomas Cooke has a warning for landlords in his city.

"I do want other property owners in the city to take notice because I'm coming after you," said Cooke.