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Northeast Ohio churches travel to Ukraine to deliver aid

Ukrainian soldiers face growing food shortages
N.E. Ohio churches support travel to Ukraine to deliver aid
Posted at 10:59 PM, Mar 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-25 23:13:20-04

CLEVELAND — A team of nine, supported by Cleveland Baptist Church and Church of Evangelic Faith in Parma, are headed back to Ukraine on March 26 to personally deliver crucial food and medical supplies to Ukrainian soldiers. Many of the team members are expected to be in Ukraine for three days.

Ron Jackson and his ministry "God Loves Ukraine" have already made several trips to Ukraine to support Ukrainian soldiers who are fighting back against the Russian military attack on their country. Jackson said the church groups are using secure phone apps to get the latest information from soldiers he said are facing food shortages and growing hunger.

“We try and listen to what the soldiers need, and medical supplies are really at the top of the list," Jackson said. “There are certain apps that we’re able to use that does allow us to communicate, that are secure. There are some that they won’t use, some that that they will.”

Rus Parashchak with Church of Evangelic Faith in Parma told News 5 a growing number of buildings in western Ukraine are now being used for humanitarian aid.

“They have this distribution network of churches that are delivering food and medicine into the hot spots,” Parashchak said. "There’s a lot of evil happening in Ukraine right now, but we’re also seeing the goodness of humanity in people across the spectrum.”

Parashchak said that the help they're providing has become essential for the people of Ukraine.

“We’re hearing that there is a shortage of tourniquets and other just basic necessity medical supplies. So what we’re trying to do is really keep the supply line going. And we’re working with a network of non-profits and churches across western Ukraine that really have a ground operation that’s operating. A lot of these churches are really turning into shelters. A picture of one church where they had over 100 mattresses for people to come and take shelter," Parashchak said.

If you'd like to donate, volunteer or want more information you can contact Cleveland Baptist Church, Church of Evangelic Faith,Brook of Hope or the God Loves Ukraine ministry.