POTHOLE PATROL: They're getting worse in E. CLE

Posted at 4:52 PM, Mar 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-28 18:26:39-04

Huge, moon-like pothole craters are all over one Cleveland suburb and this isn’t the first time we’ve come across them.

“I done caught flats here. My sister and them. It’s ridiculous,” said Dorsell Gordon. She’s talking about the intersection of Coit Avenue and East 152nd Street. It’s the same stretch of street we reported on last March. The holes from last year have gotten even bigger. “This street been like this for decades,” Gordon told us.

It’s the same situation with Terrace Road. Last year, it was blocked off not allowing any cars to travel on it because it was so bad. However, this year it’s open for drivers but it’s even worse. We caught numerous cars bottoming out over and over again. Many people were swerving on it like the street was a slalom course.

“The ones you were looking at over there, it’s a truck killer,” said driver Leon Hines who told us the roads all over East Cleveland have been “rough.”

We made every effort to get Mayor Gary Norton to talk to us about the terrible roads, including Rosedale that’s right next to Mr .Yea’s Barber Shop. Out in front of the building, there are plenty of head-hitting holes on Euclid Avenue, too. “They shake my building. They shake my chair,” said owner Ernest “Mr. Yea” Dowell. “I’m cutting the kids' hair…I’m cutting the person’s hair. It actually moves.”

Many people are asking when the streets will be fixed. We still didn’t hear back from the mayor today, but the drivers had these words for him. “Please, repair the streets,” said Dowell. “Don’t patch it, rip it up and redo it,” said Gordon. “Take care of it. We pay our taxes. Take care of it,” she added.

We taped a list of problem potholes on the Mayor’s office door. We’ll see how he responds.