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This gang carjacked and bank robbed its way across Northeast Ohio for 17 months

Posted: 6:13 PM, Nov 07, 2018
Updated: 2018-11-07 18:16:44-05
This gang carjacked and bank robbed its way across Northeast Ohio for 17 months

Authorities have busted a bank robbery ring that led to the arrests of around two dozen individuals who terrorized Northeast Ohio in a string of robberies that went on for more than a year and a half across multiple cities and counties.

According to an FBI spokesperson, 27 people, including 11 juveniles, were arrested on charges of bank robbery, aggravated robbery, carjacking and possession of firearms. The individuals were all part of a street crew called the "Rack Gang" that authorities said was responsible for a total of 34 robberies.

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The crime spree started back in January of 2017 and went through June of 2018, according to authorities.

A multi-agency investigation was started and soon a pattern emerged among the banks that were hit. The modus operandi of the suspects carried over from bank to bank, authorities said. During the robberies, the suspects would jump on the counters, have two to four individuals take part in each robbery and use a getaway car that was routinely taken in a carjacking. Many of the robbers appeared to be younger, authorities said.

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In total, the suspects got away with hundreds of thousands of dollars. The ring was comprised of the largest group of bank robbers the entire country has seen in recent years, according to the FBI.