Salvation Army opens new facility aimed at keeping kids off the streets

Posted at 5:12 PM, Mar 22, 2017

A new multi-million dollar Salvation Army Center in Collinwood is aimed at helping at-risk children and keeping kids off the streets.

"This is a safe place where people can go and forget about their problems," said 17-year-old Jasmine Owens. \

The facility offers a youth room, Sunday church services, a computer lab, a gym, a fitness center and a learning zone among other programs.

"We recognize this is a safe place. As long as kids are here, they're not getting in trouble or trying things they shouldn't be," said Captain Daniel Alverio with the Salvation Army. 

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The workers at the learning zone transport about 50 kids after school to the facility. They are fed, helped with homework, and are kept safe until parents arrive.

"I work. I have to make sure that she is safe," said Keisha Dean whose daughter attends the program.

There are also dance and music programs for the children.

The facility is open to everyone in the community. There are programs on updating resumes and computer help for those who need it. The center offers meals weekly to anyone.

Alverio said it has something that everyone in the community can use and all are welcome.

"I see this place as a second family," said Owens. 

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