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Signed, sealed and, sometimes, delivered: Residents in CLE neighborhood go days, at times weeks, without mail

'We never know when to expect it or if to expect it'
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Posted at 7:34 AM, Jul 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-28 07:34:19-04

CLEVELAND — Longtime residents who live on Carroll Avenue on Cleveland’s west side are fed up with mail troubles.

“The last year it has been a problem, but never before,” said resident Dean Shaffer.

Their USPS mail seems to be signed, sealed, but only sometimes delivered.

“I would love just the mail to come at the same time every day, every day when it is supposed to, that’s it,” said Shaffer.

His neighbor Mary Oliver echoed his sentiment.

“We never know when to expect it or if to expect it,” she said. “We got mail last Friday and we didn’t get mail again until today. We don’t know if we’ll get it tomorrow. The week before was the same thing.”

Bob Smith has lived on Carroll since the ’70s. He said he’s never had issues with getting or receiving mail before the last few week’s problems.

“I started knocking on doors and asking people and they said ‘no we haven’t gotten our mail,’” he said he called the USPS office on Orange Avenue in Cleveland.

“I said ‘do you know about the delays in the mail?’ At this point it was Thursday, we haven’t had mail in four days and he said ‘but the carrier has the mail and is out but you should get it today,’ wrong. It didn’t happen,” said Smith.

Shafer said it’s not just getting the mail that’s a problem, but he’s had issues sending it too.

“When I get a bill and it’s supposed to be sent back at a certain time, there’s been four or five times, recently, when I sent the check out and they’ve never gotten it and then I get a fee, a late fee,” he said.

Oliver said she doesn’t trust the postal service anymore.

“I will not put anything in the mailbox we take all of our outgoing mail to the post office and I pay my bills online because I don’t trust it will ever get there,” she said.

News 5 asked USPS what the issue was and only heard back that the mail was delivered on Wednesday. But residents said they’re not confident that moving forward their problems will be solved.

“I guess wait and see. There are more days ahead of us, so we’ll see what happens,” said Smith.

Oliver is hoping the problem can be resolved.

“I’d like them to get it together and know that this street exists and that we would like our mail,” she said.