Westpark dealing with public peeing problem

Posted at 6:47 PM, Sep 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-22 18:47:41-04

For 15 years, Joe Piccola has lived in a small Cape-style home off of West 157th Street and Puritas Avenue in Cleveland's Westpark neighborhood.

The home has one bathroom and an unwanted view of another.

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"They'll just walk right up and go. They have no shame," Piccola said of the hundreds of people he's seen over the past few years relieve themselves behind the corner liquor store his property is adjacent to on West 157th Street.

He could tolerate it to an extent if the people weren't so brazen as to do it front of his 4-year-old son.

"I'm cutting the grass and the guy just walked up, my son and my wife were in the driveway and he just walked up and went right in front of us," he said. "Turned around and walked away like he was the only one on the planet."

Piccola has called police who have responded and even staked out the spot, but in July that prompted action on the part of Safety Director Mike McGrath.

"I got a letter from the city to tell me to stop calling the police, I'm wasting their time," he said.

McGrath's letter said, "the estimated cost for the city safety forces to respond to your property is approximately $100 per call for service."

It goes on to ask him to call the local district commander, "outlining your strategy to eliminate problems at your property," the letter read.

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A call to the city for clarification was not returned.

The owner of the liquor store, Yogesh Patel, said a contract was just signed on Monday for the erection of a fence around the parking lot to keep those looking to relieve themselves out.

Contractors were at the site on Tuesday measuring the lot.

Patel also promised his security would look more into it.

"We told them every 15 minutes they can walk back and if there is any suspicious people doing the pee, they can take care of it," Patel said.


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