Cleveland residents believe neighborhood gunfire points to broken bail system

Posted at 7:43 AM, Sep 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-13 07:47:47-04

Residents living in Cleveland's North Broadway neighborhood believe a felonious assault case, involving gunfire on their street, proves the city's bail system needs continued reform.

Police report 21-year-old Kane Antonio Anderson opened fire on a car driven by Jennifer Penrod on Sept. 7, but Penrod told News 5, Anderson was released from jail just four days later on a bond of just over $2,000.

Penrod said the suspect lives just a block away from her home, and can't believe Anderson was given such a small bond, for what could have been an attempt on her life.

"This is the bullet hole that hit the back of my car on Monday, which could have hit the gas tank, could have hit me in the head," said Penrod.  "It could have hit my 4-year-old grandson."

"I can't believe he was given such a low bond." I'm going to be in fear for my life, my dogs, my family, my 4-year-old grandson, for how long?" Penrod said.

News 5 contacted Cleveland Municipal Court and it defended the bond issued to Anderson, showing us the risk assessment report on the case.

Still, the court admitted improvements in the bail system are already in motion, with the implementation of new data driven risk assessment, which reviews nine different factors when determining bond for a charged suspect.

A 5 On Your Side Investigation by News 5 Investigator Sarah Buduson revealed that bail system changes are needed here in Ohio.

Meanwhile, Penrod believes Cleveland bail system improvements can't come soon enough.

"But nothing is going to change if people don't come forward," said Penrod. "If the justice system isn't changed, what's going to happen?"