Cleveland Tremont residents upset with damage during gas line replacement

Residents say they've been living with damage.
Posted at 9:56 PM, Sep 07, 2016

Dozens of residents living in Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood are tired of living with neighborhood damage they say was caused by a Dominion East Ohio gas line replacement project.

Residents living on W. 18th Place dealt with gas leaks in November 2015, and  lines in their neighborhood had to be replaced.

But dozens of members with the Lincoln Heights Block Club said they were left with a mess created by the sub-contractor hired by Dominion.

Residents pointed to splattered fences and homes, unleveled concrete and debris created by a job that they say wasn't completed properly. contacted Dominion East Ohio about the problem, and it said it would re-contact all residents involved in an effort to get its sub-contractor back on the job.

Residents said they had already be sent a denial letter by the contractor after an agreement couldn't be reached on what needed to be restored.

Block club leaders said this wasn't the first gas line replacement project in Tremont that had quality control issues.