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Local organization gathering donations for Coast Guard personnel during shutdown

Posted at 9:01 AM, Jan 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-09 09:02:01-05

Women and men enlisted in the Coast Guard are at risk of not getting their next paycheck. They fall under the Homeland Security budget which has not been approved under this partial government shutdown.

"Even with the shutdown they are required to report to work," said Tanya Karabanovs of the USO of Northern Ohio.

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"How are you going to pay for groceries, how are you going to pay for gas, how are you going to pay your rent, your mortgage your bills?"

Karabanovs is the manager of events and programs at the USO of Northern Ohio. She's putting together a fundraiser to help subsidize Coast Guard members while their paychecks are on hold and she's collecting just about everything.

"Non-perishable items, baby diapers, laundry soap, cleaning products, gas cards to get to and from work and then grocer cards to buy those perishable items," she said.

Karabanovs says she's no stranger to government shutdown but this one is unique.

"We've had other government shutdowns before but at least with the other government shutdowns, you saw an end," said Karabanovs. "We don't see an end to this because there is no agreement between the two sides and until that happens this will continue."

Folks can drop off donations at two locations:

  • Brook Park Recreation Center, 17400 Holland Road Brook Park, Ohio
  • Highway Garage, 8410 E. Washington Street Bainbridge, Ohio