Maple Heights mother wants Marc's employee policy changed

Employees under 21 shouldn't sell cigarettes
Posted at 11:02 PM, May 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-10 23:23:33-04

Freida Wolfe is hoping that Marc's stores will consider a change in employee policy after her daughter was fired for not asking for identification when selling cigarettes at the Garfield Heights location.

She is the first to admit her daughter, Nauja Wolfe, made a mistake, but she believes it isn't right that Marc's allows employees under 21 to sell cigarettes and lottery tickets, even though the policy is within state law.

Freida told News 5 she wasn't aware Marc's management saddled her daughter, a Maple Heights High School honor student, with such a large responsibility.

"What they do is basically exploit these kids, allowing them to do the dirty work for them," Freida said. "These teen are only paid $8.65, and once they get out of school they're already tired. They have to come home, freshen-up, leave out and go to work for so many hours.  Like I said sometimes she gets out at 11:30 p.m. or quarter to twelve."

She said Nauja was arrested, forced to appear in court and ordered to pay a $365 fine.

Freida is concerned her daughter's arrest will tarnish her daughter's academic record and jeopardize future college scholarships.

News 5 contacted Marc's corporate headquarters about this story and it responded quickly.

Marc's said what it is doing is in compliance with state law.

However, so far the company has not issued the official statement it promised would be sent to News 5 on May 10.

Meanwhile, Nauja, agrees Marc's should change its employee policy.

"I definitely think something needs to change," she said. "If I can't buy it, I shouldn't be able to sell it."