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Ashland County Sheriff's Office saves family dog trapped on thin ice

Posted at 3:44 PM, Dec 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-12 17:19:54-05

The Ashland County Sheriff’s Office was able to rescue a family dog Monday after she became trapped on thin ice.

Three-year-old Hana somehow ended up in the middle of the Fox family’s pond — too scared to move.

“I thought she would fall through,” said Hana’s owner, Kathy Fox. “I just know how dangerous ice is.”

After trying to coax Hana back in, Fox finally called the sheriff’s office for help. Lucky for her — and for Hana — Chief Deputy Carl Reichart happened to be close by.

Reichart, a self-proclaimed dog lover and K9 officer for a decade, knew the ice was too thin to support a person’s weight on top of Hana’s 80-pound body, so he called for the dive team. While they were en route, Reichart was able to coax Hana back to solid ground with a box of dog treats he always keeps in his cruiser.

For someone who deals with the worst of the worst, Reichart said saving Hana was the best of the best, making his day worthwhile.

“We get all these bad raps and people get upset with us for us doing our jobs,” Reichart said. “I was doing my job yesterday and everybody was happy and I was happy.”