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14-year-old shot while handling a gun with his brother who says he took the gun from a car

Posted at 1:19 PM, Nov 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-23 13:19:33-05

A 14-year-old was shot in his driveway on E. 115 Street on Tuesday while taking the trash out, according to Cleveland police.

Police responded to University Hospital after the incident, when reports of the juvenile shot came in.

The victim told police he heard gun shots and felt tingling in his hand and noticed he was shot. He said he stayed outside and his brother ran into the house to get his mother to take him to the hospital.

The victim told police he and his brother went to take the garbage out and his brother had a gun. The victim asked if he could see the gun. When he handed it back to his brother, the gun went off, hitting him in the left hand and through his left calf. That's when the victim fell to the ground and his brother ran to get his mother.

The victim's brother gave a similar story, noting that he threw the gun and the shell casing in the garbage. He said he told his uncle where the gun was, who took it out of the garbage and put it in the trunk of his car.

When police asked the victim's brother where he got the the gun, he said he took it out of a vehicle in Cleveland Heights.