$65 million set to revitalize Cleveland neighborhoods

Posted at 5:06 PM, Aug 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-17 17:06:48-04

A big chunk of change, $65 million to be exact, will be pumped into a few west and east side Cleveland neighborhoods as part of the city's revitalization effort.

City council finalized Mayor Jackson's plan Wednesday.

The two areas getting attention will be West 25th near Tremont and East 105th on the Eastside.

Gary Tytko lives in the area on the Westside that will get a boost.

"I'm proud of this area," he said. "My kids grew up here."

He says most of his longtime neighbors and friends have moved away and many businesses have closed, but he's stuck around.

"I see greatness in this neighborhood. I'm not leaving."

Now Tytko is hoping his loyalty will pay off through the Neighborhood Transformation Initiative. The initiative received $25 million from a 2014 bond issue and $40 million of private money. Commitments from major banks will help with housing, rehabilitation and small business support.

It may mean all of the vacant lots and properties in Patricia Hunter's Eastside neighborhood, off East 105th.

"Lots of vacant lots, people vandalize. Trouble happens," Hunter said.

They won't be vacant too much longer.

"That'd be nice," Hunter said.