Cleveland City Councilman Zack Reed planning possible mayoral run

Hired campaign consultant, but has not yet filed
Posted at 10:28 PM, Feb 16, 2017

Another Cleveland City Councilman said Thursday he’s getting ready to run for Mayor, but hasn't made it official.

Ward 2 councilman Zack Reed confirmed he is preparing for a run, but has yet to file the paperwork.

His 2016 campaign finance report showed $2,500 paid to polling and consulting firm John Zogby Strategies.

Reed, who has been on city council since 2001, said if he runs and is elected he’ll work to improve the city’s economy beyond downtown.

He also said he’s not shying away from his three drunk driving convictions. The latest was in 2013.

"We’re not going to hide from the fact that we had a disease and that disease was alcoholism and that we’ve had DUI’s,” Reed said.

“But we know that we’ve gotten help from The Cleveland Clinic. We know that we got help from the rooms that we’ve been in. We know that we got help from our spiritual leaders, that we’re far better today than we were yesterday.”

Mayor Frank Jackson is running for a fourth term along with Councilman Jeff Johnson, former East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer and owner of Edwin’s Restaurant Brandon Chrostowski.