Search for men who robbed CWRU student underway

Posted at 7:17 PM, Feb 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-08 19:17:24-05

Cleveland police are looking for an SUV involved in an aggravated robbery. According to police, it happened at 10 a.m. Sunday near the corner of Edgehill Road and Murray Hill Road in Little Italy.

Four men stopped, two got out of the SUV and one pointed a gun at a 21-year-old Case Western Reserve University student, police said.

According to police, they took his phone from his hand and said "give up your wallet." The victim said he did not have a wallet. That's when Ayman Alkayali was driving in the area. "I saw two guys pushing around one student and it didn't look right," Alkayali explained. "I stopped, I backed up and I screamed at the guys. That's when the they took off."

"My kids are here, my family is here, students are my customers," Alkayali said. The Little Italy business owner did not think twice about getting involved and helping. He even gave the student a ride to campus. 

"When I heard this story, I was shocked that it happened at the time it happened but I wasn't shocked it happened out here," said Bill Salerno, owner of La Pizzeria. Salerno said there have been a few cases of crime in the area. 

Alkayali said he has seen more police officers patrolling the neighborhood. Both Alkayali and Salerno said they are keeping their eyes on what is happening in the area. 

Police are searching for the men in the SUV.