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East Cleveland offers five officers involved in 2012 fatal shooting to pay $5K for dismissed charges

Posted at 8:43 PM, Mar 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-16 20:59:00-04

The City of East Cleveland offered the five police supervisors involved in the fatal 2012 Cleveland police chase where 137 shots were fired to pay $5,000 each in exchange for charges dropped.

East Cleveland Law Director said $5,000 a person is a fair restitution in the case, which is why she says she put the offer on the table. But defense attorneys said there is no basis for restitution in the case and her offer verges on extortion.

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Henry Hilow, the defense attorney for one of the officers involved in the deadly shooting, said Hemmons' offer of money in exchange for dropping charges and dismiss the case involving the five officers is borderline extortion.

"Quite honestly this borders on extortion. To try to get a result in this case by looking for a civil settlement when you're not entitled to it," said Hilow.

He added, "Not only was it on the table, the City of East Cleveland is entitled to no restitution in this case. We're not gonna be a revenue source for a city that's bankrupt."

News 5 reached out to check if Hemmons' offer should not have been made.

The offer may stand in a civil case, but this case is criminal, legal experts say. The maximum fine for a misdemeanor criminal case like this is $1,000.

Hemmons stands by her offer when News 5 told her there was no basis for her to ask for $5,000 a person in exchange for charges to be dropped.

"You were told by ill-informed sources, probably the opposing attorneys," said Hemmons who continued to stand by her offer.

"It shows that they are sorry for what happened to the citizens of East Cleveland and a result of their indiscretions, we thought a fair balance would be for them to pay $5000 a piece."