Vandals smash up employee cars at Cleveland fire station, all for $25 worth of change

CLEVELAND - Vandals caused extensive damage to eight vehicles at a Cleveland fire station on Friday morning.

Off camera, a fireman told us that he estimates $10,000 worth of damage to employees' personal vehicles. We're told those who busted up the cars only took $25 worth of change.

Pictures (see above) show busted out windows and dented doors.

The parking lot lights were not working at the time of the incident which is the second of its kind already this month. 

News 5 uncovered work orders to repair at least six lights outside Fire Station 17 were filed back on June 5th after vandals hit firefighters' cars then.

"Did it end up on the backburner? Maybe," said Owen Donelon, a trustee with the union representing Cleveland firefighters.  "We're just hoping it gets handled. That's all we want." 

The city says it plans to fix all the burned out lights at the station Saturday.


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