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Lakewood residents discuss the need to change street speed limit after fatal crash, speeding drivers

Posted at 7:44 AM, Aug 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-16 07:44:11-04

A dangerous street in Lakewood with a history of speeding drivers and wrecks was the focus of a speed study by Lakewood police. 

Wednesday night dozens of residents gathered at city hall to hear the results of that study which revealed over the past five years, that there have been over 250 accidents on Franklin Boulevard in Lakewood.

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Authorities decided to conduct the study after a mother of four was killed in a car crash on Franklin Blvd and Marlowe Avenue earlier this summer. 

"It was one of those defining moments where I think the neighbors correctly said, wow we had this venerability and we now know it can be catastrophic," said Lakewood Mayor Mike Summers. 

After hearing the results of the speed study and residents' concerns, Summers is suggesting innovative ways to slow people down with things like speed signs, 3D crosswalks and even possibly speed cameras.

"Increasingly today were looking at a world that's less car-focused, and were coming off a 50-year run where cars rule and now we have to work together as drivers and both neighborhood members to figure out how we can make this better," Summers said.

The city plans to address these concerns more at a follow-up meeting in October.