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'I almost didn't make it': Great-grandmother attacked before officer-involved shooting in East CLE

Posted at 6:17 PM, Jun 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-19 07:46:10-04

A great-grandmother said she was walking down the street in East Cleveland on Sunday when suddenly she was grabbed and choked by a man who was later shot by East Cleveland police.

"Something just told me to turn around, and when I turned back around, it was too late to react to anything because he was up on me," explained Vicky Robinson. "He just snatched me by my neck and threw me down like he was throwing one of y'all down and just started choking me for no reason at all."

Robinson was on her way to a nearby RTA station to spend Father's Day with her family when the attack happened. Her neck is now bruised and shoulder scraped from the attack. 

Police quickly responded to the scene in the 1800 block of Beersford Road. Body camera video shows the accused attacker, Ramir Bell, charging at police. One officer shot Bell in the stomach. The officers suffered non-life threatening injuries, authorities said.

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Bell's aunt said the 29-year-old appeared at her door unexpectedly Sunday morning. She said Bell, who lives in Pittsburgh, began acting strangely, pulled out a gun and held it to his head. His family was able to get him outside just as Robinson walked past.

Bell has a criminal history in Pennsylvania, including convictions for drug possession and carrying a gun without a license.

Bell's aunt said he underwent surgery on Monday and is expected to survive.

Meanwhile, Robinson said she hopes he'll never be allowed back on the streets.

"He's going to do it to somebody else's daughter or mother, and they're not going to be able to come on TV and tell their side of the story because their family is going to be grieving for them," Robinson said. 

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is investigating Sunday's shooting.