ICE agents confront children of undocumented woman seeking sanctuary in Cleveland Heights church

Posted at 12:35 PM, Sep 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-17 12:35:39-04

A church in Cleveland Heights is providing sanctuary for an undocumented immigrant facing deportation, and now immigration officers are going after her children, according to the woman's lawyer.

According to Leonor Garcia's attorney, Elizabeth Ford, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents went to Garcia's home on September 15, after she sought sanctuary at Forest Hill Presbyterian Church on September 12. Ford says the agents confronted Garcia's children, both of whom are U.S. citizens.

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Ford shared the following statement about the situation with News 5 on behalf of Garcia.

On September 15, 2017 ICE agents went to the home of Leonor Garcia and her family. Leonor has been taking sanctuary at the Forest Hill Presbyterian Church in Cleveland Heights since Tuesday, September 12, 2017. However, ICE agents chose to go to her family home on Friday, terrorizing two of Ms. Garcia's children, both of who are U.S. Citizens. There was no purpose for the ICE agents to go to the home, as they are very well aware of Ms. Garcia's current location at the church. Not only have the ICE agents been advised of Ms. Garcia's location at Forest Hill, but she also is wearing an ankle monitor with GPS. The children have nothing to do with this situation, and should be left alone.