Kansas City Star 'hatchet job' on RNC irks Bibb

Posted at 1:51 PM, Apr 08, 2016's Leon Bibb shot back after reading an unnamed editorial in The Kansas City Star titled, "Maybe Kansas City dodged a bullet when Cleveland nabbed the GOP convention."

The editorial referred to Cleveland as "The Mistake by the Lake," in what may be a sour grapes venting after Kansas City lost its bid for hosting the convention.
Bibb said he was appalled by the editorial.
"The convention is not even here yet, but a city that did not win it is writing irresponsibly about Cleveland, which did win it," Bibb said.
The editorial wrote of possible convention-area violence over the controversy surrounding Donald Trump.
It was a hatchet job, according to Bibb, who said he reported stories with truth when and if it unfolded, and not before the story even took place.
Bibb slammed the Star writers action and said they were not journalism but rather something else -- that decorum kept him from describing on television.