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Lucky to be alive, tow truck driver who lost part of leg in crash wants his day in court

Ron Urbansky wants to face the man who struck him
Posted at 4:36 PM, Oct 31, 2019

CLEVELAND — A local tow truck operator would like the opportunity to face the man who cost him his left leg in the courtroom.

Ron Urbansky received a phone call Thursday morning about a possible plea deal in his case. The call came just minutes before that hearing was scheduled to begin.

Urbansky said if he would have been informed sooner, he would have made arrangements to attend.

“Never hit the brakes. Totaled the truck. Broke his legs,” Urbansky said. “Ripped one of mine off. He went four lanes over left of center.”

Urbansky spent 30 days in the Intensive Care Unit, underwent more than 15 surgeries and was left with insurmountable medical bills.

“The pain and suffering of my family, it’s affected my work,” Urbansky said. “There’s a million dollars in medical. Just a lot of grief to a lot of people.”

Back in March, Urbansky was towing a car on Lorain Road overnight. Police said that’s when Roy Hollingsworth crashed into Urbansky's company tow truck after a night of drinking.

“That’s when I thought I was cashing out and I called my wife,” Urbansky said. “I said, ‘I’m at 204 and Lorain. Guy hit my truck and ripped my leg off and I don’t know if I’m going to make it.’”

Urbansky said he was told last minute about Hollingsworth’s possible plea deal, but did his best to make it to the courthouse on time.

“One leg driving down there in the rain. I did my best and got there around 10:30 and not even knowing if it was over yet,” Urbansky said. “Would it be worth the effort on crutches to make it through that ordeal?”

That scheduled plea deal ultimately didn’t happen Thursday.

Urbansky said while he doesn’t harbor resentment toward Hollingsworth, he would like the opportunity to be a living example of the devastating effects of driving while intoxicated.

“I would’ve liked to know yesterday and I would’ve made arrangements to definitely be there,” Urbansky said. “I want to be in the court and just represent myself. There’s a face to the name.”

A pre-trial hearing in the case has been rescheduled for Thursday, Nov. 7.

News 5 contacted Hollingsworth’s attorney who would not offer further details about the terms of the plea deal.

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