Maple Heights man captures pedestrians struck, red light runners, near misses on dash cam

Posted at 3:18 PM, Dec 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-13 11:40:17-05

A Maple Heights man has spent the last year and a half recording dash cam video as he drives around Northeast Ohio, catching pedestrian accidents, red light runners and all-around bad drivers. He uploads his videos to YouTube.

“Even if I’m going two blocks away, I’ll put it on because you never know," said Jason, who did not want his last name used. 

Jason's latest video shows a woman being struck by a car at Detroit and Cook avenues in Lakewood Friday. He was stopped at a nearby stop light.

“It was almost surreal," he added. "It was almost slow motion.”

The victim is a 47-year-old Sagamore Hills resident who was taken to the hospital. She is now out. The driver has been charged.

It was the second time Jason captured a car hitting a pedestrian in the Cleveland area.

“I don’t do it to make fun of people or make fun of their grief or misery," said Jason. "I do it to show people, 'Hey, there are some crazy drivers out there.' I know it happens everywhere. But this is an example of it here.”

Jason said he not only records video to expose bad drivers, he also does it for his own protection.

"I never know if someone is going to be on their cell phone and hit me and deny it,” he added.

Jason's camera is mounted to the inside of his windshield.