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New video shows troopers pursue several ATV, dirt bike riders Sunday

Posted at 9:15 PM, Aug 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-16 10:37:05-04

New video shows the Ohio State Highway Patrol chasing and detaining several dirt bikes and ATV riders as they zoomed through the streets of Cleveland and Lakewood Sunday night.

The first segment of the video shows an OSHP trooper force an ATV rider onto the shoulder of a highway. Another trooper then drives up behind the masked rider, who throws his hands up in the air. Troopers then force the rider to the ground and cuff them.

In the second segment of video, a trooper rolls up behind a dirt bike rider as they are stopped in the middle of the roadway. The rider can be seen fleeing on foot as the trooper pulls around the bike. The trooper then returns to the abandoned bike and rolls it out of the road.

In the last segment of the newly-released video, an ATV rider and two dirt bike riders pass a trooper going the opposite direction. The trooper turns around and pursues the group for several blocks. The ATV rider and dirt bike rider round a corner, but one dirt bike rider crashes into the side of a home, then takes off on foot.

Officials estimated that about 100 dirt bikes and ATVs were operating on the streets of Cleveland and Lakewood Sunday night. Social media was flooded with videos of the daring riders.

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Four riders were arrested by Lakewood Police, according to a news release. Two men were charged with felony counts of failure to comply with order or signal of a police officer, and two were charged with misdemeanor counts of riot.

The OSHP said they arrested one person and seized two dirt bikes and one ATV.

The incident prompted residents, clubs and city leaders to call for a reevaluation of Cleveland police’s “no-chase” policy, but the mayor’s office said there are no plans to change protocol at this time.

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