Ohio lawmakers plan to pump millions into treatment and detox centers to help fight heroin addiction

Posted at 4:58 PM, Apr 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-28 17:09:17-04

Leading the nation in overdoses, the heroin epidemic here in Ohio continues to get worse; that's why state lawmakers want to pump millions of extra dollars into fighting it.

Ohio's House Republicans proposing an additional $170.6 million dollars to fight heroin. 

Recovering addict, Steve Brennan, told News 5 he believes the budget addition would help because a solid percentage of the money is meant to expand recovery options. 

"I really believe that treatment is the answer," he said. 

Brennan, now two years clean, described his addiction as all-consuming.

"Imagine if your head was being held under water and you needed to get up for air," he said. 

Brennan now runs Heroin Help, an organization that connects addicts and recovery options. 

He told News 5 he started it on his own because there's been so little focus on treatment.

News 5 broke down the $170.6 million dollar proposal:

  • $130 million would go towards treatment
  • $30 million to building new treatment facilities and detox centers
  • $15 million is earmarked for Children and Family Services to help children affected by the crisis

"It's  a drop in the bucket but it's a move in the right direction," Brennan said. 

But to see the money in action here in Ohio- the proposed addition needs to pass in Ohio's house and senate by June 30.