PD: S. Euclid youth crowd fighting, biting

Posted at 4:03 PM, May 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-02 16:13:14-04

A girl chest bumped an officer and tried to bite two others, a large group of youth were fighting in an intersection, and another girl tried to pass off a counterfeit $50 dollar bill at McDonald's, all in the vicinity of Mayfield Road and South Green on April 27, according to South Euclid police.

Police released information on the occurrences Monday, stating that they hope to clear up any rumors and misconceptions regarding this incident.
Around 20 teenagers and young adults were fighting at the intersection of Mayfield and South Green on Wednesday, police said.
They placed themselves, passing pedestrians and oncoming traffic at risk of serious harm due to the strict confines of the sidewalk area between Green Road and Key Bank, according to authorities.
When police arrived, one of the juveniles darted across Mayfield Road but was stopped by an officer and cited.
Others in the crowd reportedly insisted they were "slap boxing" for sport and had not been fighting. The group temporarily broke up; but an off-duty officer working nearby as McDonald's security later reported a large group fighting in front of Marc's.
Although the youth dispersed when officers showed up, several teenage girls went inside McDonald's and sat down. Police said the girls had no intent to purchase food or beverages and were advised that they would be required to patronize McDonald's if they intended to stay.
But a 15-year-old South Euclid girl "adamantly refused" to leave, though the other teenagers exited, according to authorities.
An officer reportedly asked the girl to leave three times; and when he attempted to escort her out, she told him to "get your (expletive) hands off me," according to police.
He nonetheless escorted her out. But police said the girl quickly returned and chest bumped the officer. After being placed under arrest and taken to city jail for booking, police said she tried to bite two officers.
The teenager will be charged in juvenile court.
Authorities said a girl who had been with the teenager in McDonald's was later reported to police for being disorderly and hostile toward South Euclid Library staff. Police said they responded to the library and escorted her off the property, warning she would be arrested if she returned.
About an hour later, a juvenile who had remained in the area of these incidents went into McDonald's and tried to pass a fraudulent $50 bill at a register, according to police. 
She and another juvenile face counterfeiting charges in juvenile court.