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Police warn about curb-painting notices that appear official

Posted at 5:57 PM, Jul 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-11 17:57:01-04

Homeowners beware!

A curb painting operation is resurfacing in some west side neighborhoods as false "Public Service Notices" informing homeowners that reflective curb addresses will be painted in front of their houses within the next few days. They appear to be from a government agency, but police confirm they are not. 

News 5 first reported a similar scam in 2016 when scammers targeted Mentor on the Lake. Now, notices are being left on mailboxes in Westlake and Avon.

Westlake police said the City of Westlake does not require these addresses to be painted. This is a private company that has not been vetted by police, and it is optional for residents to accept this service, according to police.

Avon police said the City of Avon is not aware of this company and that the company is not registered as a solicitor. Police said to be cautious when asked for payment of services you did not request.

Below is the message on the "Public Service Notice":

Reflective curb addresses will be painted and repainted over old and existing curb addresses in your neighborhood starting tomorrow. We will be using an industrial reflective coating that makes the curb address extraordinarily visible in the dark and under emergency lighting conditions. Studies have shown that homes with reflective curb addresses, applied in a consistent location give the neighborhood a more organized, protected, and well-kept look. In an emergency situation, EMS and law enforcement agencies will be able to accurately locate your home, which is essential since seconds save lives! To have your home included, simply print your name, address and phone number in the blanks below. Then tape this completed notice securely onto either your front door or garage door where it is easily visible from the street. Please do this before 8:00 a.m. tomorrow and leave the notice taped there until the notice is picked up. Only after the Public Service Agent has applied the reflective curb address will they leave a notice for payment of $15.

NOTE: In the event of inclement weather, painting will be delayed until weather permits.

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