Rats, trash, filthy conditions still plague North Pointe apartments in Euclid

Posted at 5:36 PM, Oct 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-12 17:36:32-04

It's déjà vu all over again for hundreds of people who call North Pointe apartments home.

They're still left living among rats and trash while the management company overseeing the property gets another pass.

Only News 5 has been tracking the complaints that continue to pour in, despite claims that progress is being made.

Thursday, the legal team representing North Pointe's owner was supposed to be in court to update a judge on the progress they're making. But less than 24-hours before they were to appear, they requested the case be continued until next month.

It's a delay that has now happened nearly a half-dozen times.


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"Wall-to-wall negligence, all of that, and how do you keep getting continuance?" said current North Pointe resident Pierre Godfrey.

More time is what a judge granted the lawyers representing the embattled property.

"For her to keep letting this go on, she should be ashamed of herself," said William Jennings, North Pointe resident.

It's a move the City of Euclid's law director tells News 5 she would have objected to if she had even known.

The judge approved the request without consulting the city, which has okayed them up until this point.

"They've never objected to these continuances, and now the judge simply grants one because an attorney can't show up?" said Daryl Langman, Euclid City Council Member.

Langman tells News 5 the system is failing those it should be protecting.

"While the paperwork goes back and forth, it's real people that are being impacted by the continuing issues at North Pointe," said Langman.

The property is currently facing criminal prosecution for on-going health and safety violations.

“I'm frustrated and flabbergasted," said Langman.

Major issues remain unresolved like a rat infestation and garbage.

"The lower levels, trash is everywhere," said Jennings.

Crumbling balconies and missing fireproofing in the underground garage also still need to be fix.

"The rats are still a problem, the trash is still a problem, customer service in general in the building is a problem, the porches still are dangerous," said Godfrey.

Godfrey tells News 5 the conditions are taking a toll.

"Call this a lost cause, pack your stuff up as soon as your lease is up and just move," said Godfrey.

While they continue to face major issues, William Jennings says basic maintenance is being ignored.

"Somebody spit on the inside the elevator door in the west building. It's dried up, it's still there. It's been there for months," said Jennings.

At this point, some residents have given up hope relief will ever come.

"If you can't take care of the basics, look at the major stuff and they're not even trying. This is how they want us to live. They're content with that," said Godfrey.