Spinning tracks for the Cavs: DJ Steph Floss enters 9th season with team

Posted at 10:37 AM, Jun 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-07 13:24:59-04

Over the past few season the Cavaliers have made headlines with their personalized handshakes, but the team has also received attention for their dance moves.

Whether it be in practice or on the court before a big game, the guys can be seen getting down to the latest rap and R&B hits. 

There's one man responsible for getting the team hyped up before a big game: DJ Steph Floss.

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The Cleveland-based DJ, also known as Stephen Williams, has been spinning tracks for the team for the past nine years.

"This is the greatest experience in the world. I have the greatest job in the world, work for a great organization, great team. I get to watch the greatest player to ever play the game play every night at home so it's a great experience," he said.

Over the years DJ Steph Floss has built personal relationships with several players on the team.

LISTEN: DJ Steph Floss on SoundCloud "That's None of My Business" (Mixtape)

"Those are my guys. They're like my brothers," he said. "I'm very familiar with the songs they like to party to, to dance to, to workout to. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel very appreciated." 

He told News 5's Meg Shaw he takes great pride in knowing the team is "in the zone" with his music.

"LeBron is not just... He's not like a robot, he has emotions. He's just like you and I, we hear our favorite songs we like to dance, we like to party, we like to have a good time. It's not always such a serious moment," he said.

The 25-year-old was one of the many people who received a championship ring following the 2016 NBA Finals. He praised the Cavs organization for their dedication to all of the arena employees.

"We truly have the best organization in sports," he said.

DJ Steph Floss also works for Z107.9 in Cleveland as well as spinning tracks at private parties. 

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