Surge in security at Indians playoff game following mass shooting in Las Vegas

Posted at 10:38 PM, Oct 05, 2017

Top of mind at the Indians playoff game versus the Yankees Thursday night was no doubt security, following the largest mass shooting in U.S. history.

For fans at the game, it was impossible to miss the heavy police presence and, after what happened in Las Vegas, it was welcomed by many.

Sharp shooters were camped out on nearby rooftops, as just one piece in a surge of security at the first Indians’ playoff game.

“I do appreciate that they’re doing that,” said one fan.

Fans passed through metal detectors before even entering Gateway Plaza on Thursday. 

"And it still went fast, it didn’t hold you up,” one woman said.

“A lot of police presence and that’s about it, couldn’t feel safer here,” said an Indians fan.

The playoff series against the Yankees is by all accounts one of the highest profile events in the country – coming on the heels of the largest mass shooting in history.

“Never seen an event like this, sporting event or other event so intense with so much additional security on all levels,” said security expert Tim Dimoff.

Dimoff says Sunday’s mass shooting changed everything. When events are held at open air venues like Progressive Field, police now have to check surrounding buildings, in addition to securing the stadium itself.

“They’re going to start to monitor the buildings, who’s going in those buildings and any kind of unusual behavior such as someone on a roof, windows being opened, those types of things,” said Dimoff.