Two East Cleveland police officers fired after allegations of excessive force

Posted at 4:19 PM, Jul 28, 2016

East Cleveland police officers pulled over Jesse Nickerson early Sunday morning for a robbery case, but this story only starts there.


Nickerson's attorney said Thursday, two East Cleveland police officers took Nickerson to Forest Hills Park, beat him and threw him down a cliff, then he was taken to the police station.


"If that is determined to have been the case, it is reprehensible, that is completely unacceptable conduct" said Heather McCollough the defense attorney for Nickerson


Mayor Gary Norton said officers Denayne Dixon and Gerald Spencer were fired after an internal investigation.


Norton said the officers could face numerous criminal charges.


"Those charges, based on the things we believe to have happened could include kidnapping, felonious assault, assault and battery, and perhaps deprivation of civil rights,” Norton said.


Norton said at one point the officers allegedly removed Nickerson's handcuffs, so they could allegedly fight with Nickerson.


Police Chief Michael Cardilli fired the officers within 36 hours of the allegations.


The state’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation is doing an independent review of the case.


"Some police officers made a tragic mistake, that could be criminal, and we can't allow that, we won't allow that, period.”Cardilli said.