Chardon family petitions ODOT to install traffic light at intersection where two teens were killed

Posted at 5:04 PM, Jun 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-13 18:24:23-04

The intersection of Route 44 and Hosford Road in Chardon is busy. It’s where two teens were killed one week ago, when their car went through a stop sign and was hit by a truck.

Reviewing crash reports, News 5 found that there have been 20 crashes at the intersection in the last ten years.

Michaelanne Cyvas and her mother Diane Cyvas live by the intersection. They have seen and heard serious crashes over the years. Because they believe a traffic light would be more visible, and make cross traffic on 44 stop, the mother and daughter started a petition to get ODOT to put up a traffic signal.

“I’ve heard so many accidents. I call 911 immediately and keep my phone outside for that reason,” Diane Cyvas said.

“We’re aiming for a traffic light that can make it safer, can take away heartbreak and grief and pain for families,” Michaelanne Cyvas said.

ODOT spokesperson Amanda McFarland said that ODOT has heard the concerns and is taking action. (Click NEXT PAGE to read what ODOT is doing)

“ODOT will be undertaking a traffic study at that intersection to determine if a traffic signal is warranted or not,” McFarland said. The Cyvases hope that study concludes a light is needed.

“We’re grateful for that and hopefully they see what we see, and what we see is the need for change,” Michaelanne Cyves said.

So far the Cyvases have collected 3,000 signatures on their petitions.