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Oceans of Ice Cream 11: The heist of the century goes down in Amish country

Posted: 1:05 PM, Mar 30, 2018
Updated: 2018-03-30 17:42:34Z

Coming to a courthouse near you: Amish Ice Cream Heist

The Job: Operation Ice Cream Fix

The Target: Amish Freezer House

Plot Synopsis: The quiet serenity of a Geauga County Amish community is shattered when three men in need of an ice cream fix allegedly break into an Amish freezer house and abscond with delectable ice cream delight. 

Everything goes according to plan until the three are arrested by the fuzz because they left one small detail out of their plan: No witnesses. In this case: a pesky trail camera and an inconvenient photograph.

What happens next for the Ice Cream Trio, AKA The Neapolitan Gang? A climatic ending in court is soon to be seen.

The Cast: Raymond J. Welz and Michael L. Pascal as Ice Cream Bandit 1 and Ice Cream Bandit 2. Mark H. Boggess as the getaway driver.