Man rescued after falling in Chagrin River area

Posted at 9:55 AM, Oct 04, 2015

Police are crediting a nearby fisherman for a man's rescue after hearing him yell for help in the Chagrin River area Saturday morning. 

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Authorities said that after leaving Downtown Willoughby Friday night, the 32-year-old victim parked his car in a driveway and walked to the edge of a hill before losing his footing and tumbling down more than 100 feet to the river's edge. 

Police said a fisherman heard the man yelling for help at the river's edge about 800 feet north of Daniel's Park. Although he was unable to physically reach the victim, he was able to call 911. 

At around 8 a.m. the Willoughby Fire Department responded and successfully rescued the man, who was then taken to Hillcrest Hospital with serious injuries. 

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The victim's car was found parked in a driveway at the top of the hill on River Street. 

"With the cold and rainy weather, the outcome could have been much worse had the fisherman not been in the secluded area of that river," police said on Facebook. "We are all hoping for a swift recovery of the victim." 



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