Avon Lake maps locations of nuisance, dangerous and vicious dogs in city

Posted at 1:38 PM, Sep 19, 2016

The city has created a map to showcase the locations of the classified nuisance, dangerous and vicious dogs in the area. 

Avon Lake introduced the "Post-Bite" and "Pre-Bite" laws regarding potential and current nuisance, dangerous and vicious dogs on Oct. 15, 2015.

The "Pre-Bite" ordinance explained how a resident would report an aggressive dog to Avon Lake police and what the dog owner would have to do once the pet was classified as a potential nuisance.

FULL TEXT: Avon Lake "Pre-Bite" ordinance on Scribd

Pictures, names, breed and even addresses.


It’s all right there for everyone to see.


The Avon Lake dangerous dog registry is now online.


Dogs are designated dangerous, nuisance or vicious and can be looked up on a map.


It's on the city of Avon Lake's website under police department which shows pictures of dangerous dogs and what they did.


A Weimaraner named Charlie bit a man and a woman and is labeled dangerous.


A Shepered mix named Cane killed a dog this summer.


Two pit bulls who live together killed Perry Pascarella's dog named Bella.


Pascarella said the registry puts others on alert.


"I think it's a good idea, part of an overall effort to show that dogs can really be harmful in a big way, psychologically as well as physically,” Pascarella said.


Avon Lake councilman David Kos is also head of the city’s safety committee.


The dog registry lets people who walk their dogs around the neighborhood know exactly where dangerous dogs live.


"What we were able to do with our legislation was not just to identify where these dogs live, let the public know where these dogs are, but also allows for that dog to be removed from the scene." Kos said.


A judge would decide if a dangerous dog needs to be put down.


Besides being labeled dangerous, dogs can be labeled menacing meaning they're aggressive and could attack.


Owners of a dog deemed dangerous must muzzle their dogs or put them in a pen.


The dogs must wear neon collars.


Dangerous dog signs must be posted, and the dog must complete obedience training.


But most of all, this registry makes sure...


"Neighbors are on alert,” Kos said.


Kos said Bay Village is considering a similar dangerous dog registry.

The "Post-Bite" ordinance was similar, except it pertained to dogs that had already been classified as a nuisance, dangerous or vicious. 

FULL TEXT: Avon Lake "Post-Bite" ordinance on Scribd

According to the documents, after an aggressive dog has been reported and police have conducted an investigation, authorities will determine if the dog is a potential or current nuisance, dangerous or vicious dog. Requests to appeal the classification will go through the city's safety director.

Owners who have a dog classified as a potential nuisance are required to put up a sign on their property that reads, "Threat Dog." Those who have dogs already classified as a nuisance or are deemed dangerous or vicious will also be required to put up the appropriate signage. 

Dogs classified as dangerous or vicious must be supervised by a person at least 18 years old and confined at all times. If the dog leaves the owner's property it must be muzzled, restrained with a chain-like leash, wear a neon indicator, and have proper supervision. Owners must have their dog complete obedience or behavior modification training as well.

Dogs that are considered only a potential nuisance have similar restrictions, except the supervisor does not have to be 18, but must be able to control the dog. And, if the dog leaves the property, it does not need a chain-like leash.

A map of the five dogs currently designated as "dangerous" and two classified as a "nuisance" in the city can be found on the Avon Lake website or below, as well as individual pictures of each dog, a full description of each canine and the incident that resulted in the classification. 

Avon Lake Dog Map