Inspectors find source of Carbon Monoxide fumes that made several workers sick at Elyria plant

Posted at 9:14 AM, Nov 28, 2016

Fire inspectors think they found the cause of a Carbon Monoxide leak that made several workers sick at an Elyria plant last week. 

Elyria Fire Captain Kevin Szabo and two fire crews went to Lorain County Automotive Products Sunday night with detectors to try to find the source of the Carbon Monoxide emission. 

They found two forklifts to be the problem. The forklifts have been shut down for maintenance and the company is working to find replacements. 

Fire squads from multiple surrounding cities responded to the plant on Nov. 23 after several workers developed severe headaches from the fumes. Some employees even passed out from exposure. 

At least six people were transported to the hospital for observation.